All pupillage vacancies at 30 Park Place will now be advertised through the Pupillage Gateway.

We are currently advertising for up to two pupillage placements to commence in September 2023. The application window closes at 2pm on Wednesday 9th February 2022. The pupillage committee will then start the process of shortlisting for first round interviews. All applicants will be notified through the Pupillage Gateway.    

Pupillage Funding

All pupils undertaking a 12 month pupillage will receive a non-refundable grant of £10,000, payable monthly during their first 6 months. During their second 6 months when in practice (on their feet and  earning), pupils will receive an additional sum of £12,000, payable monthly during that 6 months, but subject to Chambers recouping monies earned during that 6 months up to that figure.

This ensures that pupils receive a guaranteed income of not less than £22,000 during their full 12 month pupillage.

Pupils will be reimbursed by Chambers for their reasonable expenses incurred on travel for purposes of pupillage during each month, and for attendance on any necessary courses. Pupils will not be reimbursed for their travel expenses incurred when in practice in their own right during their second 6 months (in line with BSB guidance).


Our Pupillage Policy 

30 Park Place is committed to developing the future of the Bar by offering up to 2 funded 12 month pupillages per annum to suitably qualified applicants. We look for applicants who can demonstrate intellectual ability, are well motivated, have excellent advocacy and interpersonal skills, as well as a commitment to practicing at the Bar and in Chambers. An Upper Second Class degree is preferred, but not essential, if the applicant can evidence good qualities in other areas.

Our pupils are selected from a broad range of backgrounds, such is our commitment to diversity, equality and social mobility. Some maybe recent graduates, but others may be those seeking a second career at the Bar. All application forms are anonymised before our initial sift of applicants in the selection process, when selecting candidates for interview, to ensure fairness and objectivity. When assessing your application, the Pupillage Committee will consider the following factors:-

  • Academic record;
  • Commitment to the Bar, as evidenced by mini-pupillages and/or other legal/non-legal experience;
  • Advocacy – oral and written;
  • Awards, prizes, scholarships;
  • Participation/achievement in other extra-curricular activities

The Pupillage Committee select approximately 12 candidates for first round interview, and then shortlist approximately 6 candidates for second round interview. Candidates can expect the first-round interview to last about 20 minutes, and it comprises of a series of set questions to each candidate aimed at assessing their legal knowledge, understanding of ethics, advocacy and interpersonal skills, and commitment. The second-round interviews will include an advocacy exercise which will be emailed to candidates a few days in advance of the interview to enable time for preparation. Candidates will be expected perform a presentation to the Committee, and be prepared to answer questions to justify their position. Interviews will generally take place on a Saturday during March and April each year (dates to be confirmed following the submission of applications), albeit Chambers aims to be flexible and make reasonable adjustments for those with specific requirements.

Our commitment to our pupils is reflected in our excellent retention rate of our pupils as tenants.

Chambers complies with the Bar Standards Board pupillage requirements and is committed to ensuring fairness, and promoting equality and diversity in its recruitment process.

During Pupillage

Our pupillages are divided into two 6 months, with pupil supervisors specialising in different areas of law being allocated in each, but pupils can expect to gain experience in a wide variety of practice areas with other members of chambers during their 12 months. Chambers provides a friendly and collaborative working environment in which to learn about all aspects of practice and life at the Bar. Each pupil will also be allocated a mentor chosen from one of our more junior tenants who will be available throughout pupillage to provide more informal guidance and support in what will be a busy and exciting year. We aim to ensure that our pupils have the highest possible quality of training and support.

All pupils receive an Induction pack on their arrival in Chambers. In addition to the core pack issued to all new tenants and staff, a Pupil's Guide is also given.

Each pupil is required to complete a Chambers Pupillage Self-Appraisal Form at the end of each three-month period of pupillage. This process enables the pupil and Pupil Supervisor to discuss the pupil's progress so far and future goals, in addition to any informal occasions when such matters are discussed.

Each pupil will undergo advocacy training during their first 6 months, undertaken by the Wales and Chester Circuit, and attend the New Practitioners Programme, a weekend residential training course. In addition, each pupil will have a 2 week placement with the Crown Prosecution Service, towards the end of their first 6 months, to enable them to have an enhanced understanding of criminal work before they begin their practising second 6 months.

Chambers also supports pupils undertaking work for the Free Representation Unit, and upon instructions from local Citizens' Advice Bureau and following referrals from Members of Parliament. Typically such work would take place in Benefits Appeals Tribunals and the Employment Tribunal.

If any problems arise during pupillage, pupils are first encouraged to raise any minor grievances or complaints informally with his or her Pupil Supervisor, or with the Chair of the Pupillage Committee. If the problem cannot be resolved in this manner, or in the event of a grievance or complaint of a serious nature, Chambers' Grievance Procedure is followed, a copy of which is provided to each pupil as part of their induction at the start of pupillage.

At the End of Pupillage

If a pupil of Chambers applies for tenancy, copies of the completed Self-appraisal Forms are made available to the Tenancy Committee. An interview by the Tenancy Committee is to be expected as part of the application process. Whilst tenancy cannot be guaranteed, as above, and as reflected on our website generally, Chambers is proud to have an excellent retention rate of our pupils as tenants.

New tenants can expect to bill in excess of £50,000 in their first year of tenancy in Chambers. 

If at the end of pupillage, a pupil is not elected into Chambers in accordance with the Articles of Association, either a further period of pupillage is offered (third six) if appropriate, or a period of time is given in which to find another position, either in another set of Chambers, or in employment. This period of time will usually not exceed twelve weeks. All reasonable assistance will be given by the Pupil Supervisor, the Chair of the Pupillage Committee and the Clerks to Chambers during this time, including the provision of appropriate references.

Further Information

Further information regarding pupillage at 30 Park Place and responses to specific queries can be dealt with by contacting the Secretary of the Pupillage Committee. For a copy of our Pupillage Policy or our Pupillage Training Programme please request by email. To email the Committee, please contact pupillage@30parkplace.co.uk​