Pupillage Details

30 Park Place is committed to developing the future of the Bar by offering a number of funded twelve month pupillages per annum to suitably qualified applicants.

Chambers only accepts applications for pupillage via the Pupillage Gateway system www.pupillagegateway.com. Unsolicited applications outside this scheme will be returned.

We will be inviting applications, via the Pupillage Gateway system in January 2019 for our Autumn 2020 intake. Please check the Pupillage Gateway for the deadline dates.

During Pupillage

All pupils receive an Induction pack on their arrival in Chambers. In addition to the core pack issued to all new tenants and staff, a Pupil's Guide is also given, as is a copy of the Policy for Treatment of Pupils who are not accepted as tenants.

Each pupil is required to complete a Chambers Pupillage Self-appraisal Form at the end of each three-month period of pupillage, and also such forms/certificates as are required by the Consolidated Regulations. This process enables the pupil and Pupil Supervisors to discuss the pupil's progress so far and future goals, in addition to any informal occasions when such matters are discussed.

If any problems arise during pupillage, pupils are first encouraged to raise any minor grievances or complaints informally with his or her Pupil Master/Mistress, or with the Chair of the Pupillage Committee. If the problem cannot be resolved in this manner, or in the event of a grievance or complaint of a serious nature, Chambers' Grievance Procedure is followed, a copy of which is provided to each pupil as part of their induction at the start of pupillage.

Chambers also supports pupils undertaking work for the Free Representation Unit, and upon instructions from local Citizens' Advice Bureau and following referrals from Members of Parliament. Typically such work would take place in Benefits Appeals Tribunals and the Employment Tribunal.

During pupillage, pupils are expected to pay a contribution to chambers, presently at a rate of 6%, for work undertaken through Chambers, which is due when payment is received. All pupils undertaking a twelve month pupillage will receive a non refundable grant of £10,000, payable monthly during their first six months, together with an additional sum payable if required at the end of their second six months, to bring their total income during the second six to £12,000.

This ensures that pupils receive a guaranteed income of not less than £22,000 during their full twelve month pupillage.

At the End of Pupillage

No pupillage at 30 Park Place is granted with a view towards tenancy. If a pupil of Chambers applies for tenancy, copies of the completed Self-appraisal Forms are made available to the Tenancy Committee. An interview by the Tenancy Committee is to be expected as part of the application process.

If at the end of pupillage, a pupil is not elected into Chambers in accordance with the Articles of Association, either a further period of pupillage is offered (third six) if appropriate, or a period of time is given in which to find another position, either in another set of Chambers, or in employment. This period of time will usually not exceed twelve weeks. All reasonable assistance will be given by Pupil Masters/Mistresses, the Chair of the Pupillage Committee and the Clerks to Chambers during this time, including the provision of appropriate references.

Further Information

Further information regarding pupillage at 30 Park Place and responses to specific queries can be dealt with by contacting the Secretary of the Pupillage Committee. To email the Committee, please contact pupillage@30parkplace.co.uk