Operation Jasmine

June 15 2021

The second inquest arising out of Operation Jasmine has recently concluded.  The inquest into the death of Dorothea Hale concluded that there were serious shortcomings in the care provided the Mrs Hale at Grosvenor Care Home, but that there was no evidence that this made any difference to the deterioration in Mrs Hale’s health.  On admission to hospital, the consultant physician described Mrs Hale’s pressure wounds as the worst he had ever seen.  The Coroner found that she suffered with re-feeding syndrome and that this contributed to her death.

Christian J Howells represented the Care Inspectorate Wales and Nia Gowman represented Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council.  The Coroner agreed with submissions made at the end of the evidence that article 2 ECHR was not engaged in respect of the state agencies for the systems of inspection and monitoring.  No report to prevent future deaths was made.