30 Park Place is delighted to announce the addition of five new members.

July 13 2023

30 Park Place is delighted to announce the addition of five new members.  Megan Jones, Solomon Hartley, and Daniel Jones have joined as full tenants, while Ignatius Hughes KC & Sian Reeves will be joining as a working door tenants.

Megan Jones joined 30 Park Place from Iscoed Chambers in Swansea. With her exceptional courtroom presence and a proven track record of delivering favourable outcomes for her clients, Megan’s arrival further strengthens chambers’ ability to offer outstanding legal services across a wide range of legal disciplines.

Solomon Hartley undertook pupillage at 30 Park Place in 2019 before returning to the Royal Navy as part of the Naval Legal Service. Sol spent two years at the Service Prosecuting Authority in Northolt, London. Sol’s military background has provided him with the impeccable standards which he employs within all aspects of his work. He has now returned to chambers as a full member.

Daniel Jones joined 30 Park Place as a full tenant after 10 years at 5SAH in London. He is known for his meticulous approach and strong advocacy skills. His extensive experience in his areas of specialisation will undoubtedly contribute to chambers continued success as a member of the Criminal Team.

With an impressive track record and an exceptional reputation in Crime and Regulatory Law, Ignatius Hughes KC brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to 30 Park Place Chambers. Known for his unwavering dedication to justice and his exceptional courtroom skills, Ignatius has built a distinguished career handling complex cases.

Sian Reeves, a highly accomplished barrister, brings with her a wealth of experience in multiple areas of law. Having excelled at Temple Garden Chambers, Sian's decision to join 30 Park Place as a working door tenant is a testament to chambers’ reputation for excellence and its collaborative and supportive environment. Her expertise and diverse skill set will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset to both chambers and its clients.

The entire team at 30 Park Place extends a warm welcome to Ignatius Hughes KC, Megan Jones, Sian Reeves, Daniel Jones & Solomon Hartley.