Rebecca Harrington

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Rebecca Harrington

Practice Overview

Rebecca has a practice split between family finance and civil, encompassing Chancery, Administrative, Mental Health and Immigration.

Rebecca has a sound understanding of legal principles and understands the importance of a resolution meeting the client’s needs in ‘the real world’. She has particular skill in identifying the issues most important to the client and working both legally and practically towards meeting these goals.

Rebecca has excellent IT skills, working entirely electronically in suitable cases, and uses these skills to organise and analyse the, often vast, amount of information generated as cases move through the court system.

Rebecca is approachable and available to advise and discuss matters, both big and small, as a case progresses.

Notable and Reported cases

  • Administrative & Public Law

    Many aspects of Rebecca’s practice, including immigration and community care, involve public law challenges by way of judicial review. 

  • Chancery & Commercial

    Rebecca acts for both claimants and defendants in the full range of contested probate matters including challenges to the validity of wills and applications to replace an executor. She also deals with Inheritance Act claims, including those arising post-divorce.

  • Cohabitee & Matrimonial Finance

    Rebecca is an experienced practitioner in all types of family financial disputes including matrimonial finance, financial provision after an overseas divorce, cohabitee disputes and financial provision for children.

    She deals with a wide range of cases including those involving companies, inheritances and financial misconduct. Rebecca has particular experience in matrimonial finance cases involving owner-run companies, and uncooperative opposing parties and with foreign assets.

    Rebecca’s practice also includes enforcement of financial orders including by way of committal.

    In cohabitee disputes she appears in both the High Court and the County Court, dealing frequently with both the more usual TOLATA claims in relation to property and also disputes concerning chattels and, on occasion, pets.

    She is increasingly involved in serious cases against litigants in person in both matrimonial finance and cohabitee disputes.

    Rebecca is a frequent speaker at both internal and external conferences in relation to cohabitee and matrimonial finance.

  • Immigration & Asylum

    Rebecca advises both Local Authorities and individuals on the scope of Local Authorities’ accommodation and other obligations towards individuals who are subject to immigration control, including both lawful  migrants (including EEA migrants)  and those in or remaining in the UK unlawfully.

    Rebecca provides written advice on immigration issues arising in other contexts, for example advising the Family Court in relation to the current and likely future immigration status of parties and children involved in childcare proceedings.

  • Family Dispute Resolution

    Rebecca has particular skill in using shuttle negotiation and round-table meetings to resolve matters without the expense of fully contested court proceedings.

  • Mental Health, Vulnerable Adults & Community Care

    Rebecca appears regularly in the Court of Protection, including in cases where capacity is in dispute, and advises in relation to the DeprIvation of Liberty Safeguards.

    Rebecca has a very successful practice in community care law. She advises and appears in judicial review proceedings in relation to community care assessments and continuing health care. She also deals with the inherent jurisdiction in respect of vulnerable adults and young people.

  • Recommendations
    • Rebecca Harrington undertakes the full range of family finance work, including ancillary relief and enforcement cases, often involving owner-run companies and foreign assets. She is noted for her knowledge of matters involving third-party interveners."Rebecca Harrington is extremely diligent, thorough and sensible." "She is very reassuring and she is an excellent advocate." (Chambers & Partners 2024, Family: Matrimonial Finance)

    • Rebecca Harrington is the head of the Court of Protection team at 30 Park Place. She is noted for her expert handling of both welfare and finance matters, and is regularly instructed in cases involving deprivation of liberty and disputes surrounding capacity. She acts for family members of vulnerable individuals and local authorities. "She is able to deal with issues swiftly and concisely. Her advocacy is strong." "Rebecca has a good courtroom manner." "Rebecca is clear, quick and concise always." (Chambers & Partners 2024: Court of Protection: Health & Welfare)

    • "She is very competent and professional in her advocacy skills. Her attention to detail is extremely impressive, and she fiercely puts her client’s case forward with care and accuracy.  She is never too busy to speak to her clients and makes herself available." (Legal 500, 2024 - Court of Protection & Community Care)

    • Ranked Tier 2 (Legal 500, 2024 - Family: Divorce & Financial Remedies)

    • Tier 2 Administrative And Public Law (Including Civil Liberties And Human Rights) - Legal 500, 2024

    • “Rebecca takes a grasp upon issues very quickly, and gives a structured and clear path. She was able to give straightforward advice to the client.” “Rebecca is a skilled advocate and is very good with the clients.” (Chambers UK, 2023 - Family: Matrimonial Finance)
    • "Rebecca is very intelligent, she can identify things others haven't seen and knows Welsh legislation inside out." "She is so experienced." (Chambers UK, 2023 - Court of Protection: Health & Welfare)
    • "Rebecca is a tremendously knowledgeable, direct and eminently sensible advocate - all the hallmarks of a robust and effective Court of Protection practitioner. Her approach to cases commands the respect of others in the profession and inspires confidence in clients." (Legal 500, 2023 - Court of Protection & Community Care)
    • "Rebecca consistently provides clear and constructive advice, both in writing and in conference. She demonstrates a real understanding of issues facing the Local Authority as well as genuine empathy towards those individuals who are the subject of such cases. An excellent communicator." (Legal 500, 2023 - Administrative & Public Law)
    • "She's very calm and collected, and deals with difficult clients very well." (Chambers UK, 2022 - Court of Protection)
    • "She is fantastic and deals with matters promptly." (Chambers UK, 2022 - Matrimonial Finance)
    • ‘Rebecca is one of the most experienced barristers working in the Court of Protection in Wales. She is always well-prepared, and provides sensible advice with clarity.’ (Legal 500, 2022 - Court of Protection)
    • 'Rebecca is very knowledgeable and efficient. She is able to assimilate a plethora of information and focus on the key facts to find a way forward and workable solutions to achieve the best possible outcome.’(Legal 500, 2022 - Administrative & Public Law)
    • "Rebecca has excellent knowledge of all family matters." (Chambers UK, 2021)
    • 'Her preparation is extremely thorough and she always develops a good rapport with her clients.' (Legal 500, 2021 - Divorce and Financial Remedy)
    • 'She has an ability to get straight to the crux of a case and gives very clear advice.' (Legal 500, 2021 - Court of Protection)
    • 'She prepares work diligently and thoroughly and presents it to the court and the client clearly and concisely.' (Legal 500, 2021 - Administrative and Public Law) 
    • 'She stands out for her attention to detail and pragmatic approach.' (Chambers UK, 2020)
    •  'A very safe pair of hands in financial remedy cases.' (Legal 500, 2020 - Family & Childcare Law)
    • Good with difficult clients.' (Legal 500, 2020 - Court of Protection)
    • 'Specialises in advisory work for public bodies' (Legal 500, 2020 - Public Law)
    • 'Very professional. She always goes that extra mile and is very supportive and helpful.' (Chambers UK, 2019)
    • ‘A diligent barrister who instils confidence in her clients.’ (Legal 500, 2018)
    • 'Very strong in relation to the technical aspects; she makes the complex simple.' (Chambers UK, 2018)
    • 'She gets straight to the crux of a case.' (Legal 500, 2017)
    • Undertakes a full range of family finance work, including ancillary relief and enforcement cases, often involving owner-run companies and foreign assets. Also advises on complex immigration and asylum issues concerning children. Strengths: "She is very competent, a great junior barrister." (Chambers UK 2017)
    • 'A keen intellect and an eye for detail' (Legal 500, 2016)
    • "So well prepared and really gives opposing counsel a run for their money." "She has an absolutely amazing brain." (Chambers UK 2016)
    • 'Approachable, well prepared, responsive, and unruffled' (Legal 500, 2015)
    • ‘Knowledgeable in immigration and asylum law’ (Legal 500, 2014)
  • Appointments
    • Recorder (2022)
    • Fee-paid Immigration Judge (2012 - 2023)
    • A pupil-supervisor at 30 Park Place
  • Education & Qualification
    • BVC – Outstanding (Cardiff) (2004)
    • Pg.Dip.Law (UWE) (2003)
    • PGCE (Nottingham) (2001)
    • BSc (Hons) 2:1 Mathematics (Warwick) (2000)
  • Memberships

    A member of the FLBA 

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Rebecca Harrington
"Rebecca is very intelligent, she can identify things others haven't seen and knows Welsh legislation inside out." "She is so experienced."Chambers UK, 2023 - Court of Protection: Health & Welfare