‘Crash for Cash’ – Part Two.

May 08 2017

Operation Dino saw 89 Defendants prosecuted in ‘crash for cash’ scam and now phase two is underway.

Catrin Evans, head of the Crown Prosecution Service Wales, said: 'This ‘cash-for-crash’ operation was a highly organised, calculated and extensive conspiracy to defraud. It involved defendants participating in the arrangement of fake road traffic accidents and insurance fraud’.

Following a four and a half year investigation into the South Wales garage yard activities, Andrew Jones was instructed by the CPS to prosecute the culprits. Many members of the criminal team at 30 Park Place acted for defendants, with Andrew Taylor and Stephen Thomas successful in gaining the only acquittals in the case.

The Guardian reported the con as ‘one of the most extensive insurance frauds in British legal history’. Defendants totalled 89 and the dishonesty was almost £1 million. Dubbed "crash for cash", the perpetrators staged fake accidents and then made bogus insurance claims.




Andrew Jones



Andrew Taylor

Stephen Thomas

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