Attorney General & Solicitor General Visit

May 11 2023

Today, the Wales & Chester Circuit welcomes the Attorney General and the Solicitor General. This visit, which 30 Park Place is delighted to host, is an opportunity for the Government Law Officers to meet and speak directly to a range members of Circuit from different practice areas and levels of seniority The leader of the circuit, Caroline Rees KC is pleased to be able to receive our guests and looks forward to a lively discussion and exchanges of ideas over. This visit acknowledges the significance of the Wales and Chester Circuit to the Law Officers and their interest in its activities and members. 

Leader of the Circuit, Caroline Rees KC said “It is a pleasure for the Wales and Chester Circuit to host the Attorney General and Solicitor General and their team at 30 Park Place. As Leader of Circuit, I welcome the opportunity to introduce the Law Officers to a range of members of Circuit from different areas of practice and levels of seniority. We on Circuit appreciate the opportunity offered by this meeting to discuss Circuit’s issues and the challenges we face. We are grateful to 30 Park Place for their generous hosting of the meeting”.