Jane Foulser McFarlane

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Jane Foulser McFarlane

Practice Overview

Initially having a mixed practice of Family and common law Civil, Jane's practice is now totally based in Civil Law, with specialisation in personal injury and intellectual property law.

Jane is also involved with IP Wales, based at the University of Wales, Swansea, and undertakes academic research for the organisation.

Jane is pursuing a part time PhD at Exeter University. This research looks at Proposals For an Efficient and Effective Regime for the Adequate Protection of Copyright.

Notable and Reported cases

  • Education & Qualification
    • University of Wales, Cardiff
    • LLB (Hons) 1988-1991
    • LL.M International Commercial and Maritime Law, with emphasis on International Intellectual Property Law 1991-1992
    • Currently Studying for a PhD (part time) at Exeter University in Copyright Law
    • Bar Vocational Course: Inns of Court School Of Law 1992-1993
  • Related News
    • Appointed Lead Counsel for Intellectual Property Law for The Welsh Assembly Commission
    • Appointed to Oxford University Press Intellectual Property Panel
    • Requested by The New Law Journal to undertake a book review of Intellectual Property Law Books
    • `How to Fix Copyright`, by William Patry: NLJ 4 May 2012
  • Related Publications
    •  Virtual Reality? Online infringement? No....It`s infringement online. NLJ 10/6/16
    • Mediation in Intellectual Property Law Disputes - Is Low Cost Dispute Resolution The Way Forward,
    • Following The Findings of the Hargreaves Report? NLJ 12/8/11
    • Bottom of the Class: What are the implications for Google`s online library? NLJ 7/5/10For Richer or Poorer: To what extent are intellectual property rights matrimonial assets? NLJ 11/9/09
    • God & The Stormtroopers: Assessing how far toys can be used for role play without breaching copyright, NLJ 10/7/09
    • Privacy`s death Knell? Interim Injunctions; NLJ 10/6/07
    • In The Witches Domain, Internet Domain Names, NLJ 12/10/07
    • Tarzan Yell Falls Flat: Sounds As Trademarks, NLJ 7/12/07
    • Piracy`s Death Sentence: The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, NLJ 5/9/08
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