*Dafydd Enoch KC

Call 1985 Silk 2008

*Dafydd Enoch KC

Practice Overview

Dafydd is a working door tenant.

Serious crime, principally business and financial crime, homicide and organised crime.

Expertise in cases involving complex medical issues eg baby shaking cases, mental health and causation issues.

Expertise in complex fraud, including tax fraud.

Money laundering and confiscation proceedings.

Private Prosecutions. Has been asked to advise in a number of heavyweight private prosecutions arising out of financial misconduct.

Special interest in the representation of doctors and other healthcare professionals both in the criminal context and the disciplinary context. Has had many years’ experience of appearing before the GMC and the GDC.

Regulatory crime, health and safety, trading standards and environmental.

Often undertakes advisory work during the investigation stage.

Instructed in cases before the family court, in particular in care proceedings involving serious factual allegations.

Instructed in appellate work following conviction.

Will accept instructions in inquest and public inquiry work.

Extradition. Has been instructed in habeas corpus and judicial review proceedings arising out of extradition

Notable and Reported cases

  • Fraud - Representative Cases
    • R v Halfpenny (ongoing) - Currently instructed to defend one of the principal defendants in a multi-million pound investment fraud due to be tried in 2020 and expected to last for 4 to 6 months.
    • R v Alemi 2018 - Represented a Consultant psychiatrist on charges of fraud. She was alleged to have forged the will of one of her elderly patients with a view to obtaining an estate worth over £1 million.
    • R v Zerze 2017 - Represented the principal defendant in a multi-million pound excise duty and tax fraud. The case lasted for 2 months.
    • R v Quillan 2016 - Instructed to defend the principal defendant, a highly experienced IFA, in a pension fraud involving a very sophisticated scheme using SIPP vehicles to claim RAS. The Prosecution case lasted 2 months at the end of which the Judge ruled on the basis of the technical arguments mounted by the defence that there was no case to answer. The Prosecution appealed the terminating ruling and the matter was heard by the Lord Chief Justice. The appeal was successfully resisted.
    • R v Roderick & Smith - Instructed by the Revenue to prosecute 2 defendants accused of a sophisticated tax fraud involving the use of offshore companies and the evasion of corporation and income tax.
    • Private Prosecution - Instructed by a multi national company to advise in relation to the potential private prosecution of one of its executives in respect of allegations of systematic fraud within the company.
    • R v Hayre - Instructed for the defence in a £20 million missing trader fraud.
    • R v Dr. Hervel - Instructed for the defence in a case involving systematic fraud upon the NHS. Instructed by the NHS counter fraud service to advise and prosecute in several frauds on the NHS.
  • Serious Crime - Representative Cases
    • R v Ebrahimi 2018 - Instructed in the prosecution of terrorist related charges arising out of the arrest of a man engaged in a campaign against the authorities/police and in possession of bomb making equipment, chemicals, surveillance equipment and weapons.
    • R v Miah 2018 - Instructed for the defence in only the second prosecution brought under the forced marriage legislation. A case in which the complainant had been “extracted” from Bangladesh by officers of the British High Commission.
    • R v Larkin 2017/18 - Instructed in baby shaking case involving complex medical issues relating to causation.
    • R v Histon 2018 - Represented one of two defendants accused of murder on new year’s eve involving robbery and a savage beating.
    • R v Beer 2018 - Instructed in the prosecution of a man who brutally killed his mother where the issue centred around his fitness to plead because of his schizophrenic condition.
    • R v Richards & others 2017 - Instructed to prosecute 5 handed murder allegation relating to gang shooting in Chapeltown in Leeds.
    • R v Bashir & others 2017 - Instructed to prosecute 5 handed murder involving the coercion of 3 teenage boys.
    • R v Leslie - Defended in a trial on charges of conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK. Concerned allegations of the facilitation of a pipe bombing campaign in the Midlands in the context of organised crime.
    • R v Amini - Instructed for the defence in the first ever prosecution brought by F.A.C.T relating to a large scale DVD counterfeiting operation.
    • R v Edwards - Instructed for the husband defendant charged with his wife with shooting her parents in 1998 and burying them in the back garden of their house in Mansfield, a crime discovered 15 years later.
    • R v Gillard - Instructed to represent one of several police officers charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice arising out of the original trial relating to the Lynette White murder in South Wales in the 1980s.
    • R v X - Instructed to defend a serving police officer charged with date rape, a case held in camera due to the sensitivity of his work.
  • Family Work/Care Proceedings – Representative Cases
    • M (the children) 2018 - Instructed by the Local Authority in respect of care proceedings relating to baby twins. Complex medical issues and complex legal issues relating to the crossover between the criminal and family proceedings.
    • X - Instructed for the father in care proceedings and parallel criminal proceedings arising out of allegations of serious abuse.
  • Health & Safety/Trading Standards
    • R v Camarthenshire County Council - Instructed to represent a county council arising out of its failure to maintain a lift in a theatre resulting in serious injury.
    • R v Janes - Instructed by “WIMLU’, the illegal money lending unit of a county council to prosecute a number of defendants engaged in a large scale illegal money lending a blackmail scheme.
  • Misfeasance/Negligence
    • Re CF - Instructed by the NHS to advise in respect of a midwife employed by the NHS who made a substantial claim for damages in respect of victimisation and bullying over decades. Advised in relation to criminal and tortious liability arising out of malfeasance in public office, quantum of damages and the professional disciplinary position of the healthcare professionals involved.
  • Professional disciplinary – representative cases
    • GMC v Dr. Eden - Allegations of inappropriate internet prescribing.
    • GDC V Dr. Schneider - Allegations of fraudulent alteration of patient records.
    • GMC v Drs. Rahman & Rahman - Allegations of serious failures in the running of a care home.
    • GMC v Dr. Tatchell - Allegations against a psychiatrist elating to a drug related death at a party in his house.
    • GMC v Dr. Jamal & others - Allegations arising out of a Sunday Times sting operation involving the provision of sick notes to undercover journalists.
    • GMC v Dr. Rahman - Allegations of stalking a celebrity.
  • Recommendations
    • "A very talented jury advocate with a gift for finding the right turn of phrase" (Legal 500 2021, Crime)
    • "A very talented jury advocate with a gift for finding the right turn of phrase." (Legal 500 2019, Crime)
    • "He has a very engaging manner with juries." (Legal 500 2018, Crime)
    • "A silk of high intellectual calibre." (Legal 500 2017)
    • "A very good practitioner. He is extremely approachable and loves to get involved with a case at an early stage in proceedings." (Chambers & Partners 2017)
    • He is a "great trial advocate" and "user friendly". (Chambers & Partners 2015)
    • “Regularly called upon to defend fraud and money laundering cases” (Chambers & Partners 2014)
    • "Noted for his eloquence and ability to persuade." (Legal 500 2012)
    • “Remains a popular choice….suitably forceful in Court when the moment is right” (Chambers & Partners 2012)
    • "A stand out Silk." (Legal 500 2011)
    • “Regularly makes a telling impact on the outcome of a case” (Chambers & Partners 2008)
  • Appointments & Memberships
    • 2015-2018: Authorised to sit at the Central Criminal Court
    • 2015 – present: Tenant at New Park Court Chambers
    • 2010-2015: Dep Head of Chambers at 23 Essex St
    • 2010: Serious sexual crime ticket
    • 2009 -2012: On Serious Fraud Office Panel of Prosecuting KCs
    • 2008: Appointed Queens Counsel
    • 2004: Appointed Recorder of the Crown Court
    • 1999 – present: Tenant at 23 Essex Street, London
    • 1985: Called to the Bar.
    • Past member of the Law Reform Committee of the Bar Council