*D. Huw Evans

Call 1985

*D. Huw Evans

Practice Overview

Huw Evans originates from Carmarthen, was called to the Bar in 1985 then served as an Officer in the Royal Navy, completed his pupilage in Swansea and commencing practice in Cardiff in 1989. He joined 30 Park Place in 2005. He is a specialist criminal practitioner with an even mix of prosecution and defence work.

Huw was one of the youngest ever grade 4 Prosecutors to be appointed.When defending he takes seriously his obligation to “fearlessly represent the interests of his clients” whilst always endeavoring to provide realistic, robust and frank advice.

He is much in demand in respect of fraud and other document heavy complex cases, both within the UK and internationally, but will undertake cases in all areas of crime. It has been said that he brings to the table “honesty and commitment” which instills confidence in those he represents and has an ability to simplify evidential material in a way that allows for a clear understanding of the issues in even the most difficult and daunting cases.

Huw has experience in Courts Martial and Police Disciplinary Work. He regularly prosecutes offences involving large scale drug production and distribution and undertakes complex applications under proceeds of crime and public interest immunity legislation.

Notable and Reported cases

  • Murder / Attempted Murder / Manslaughter
    • Prosecution of a woodsman who killed wife and disposed of her body which was never recovered.
    • Prosecution of a Step father who killed and disposed of the body of his step daughter never recovered.
    • Defended an 18 year old defendant who targeted gay man online. Video recorded killing.
    • Prosecution of a psychotic man whose psychosis was self induced by the consumption of drugs. Killed by driving car in accordance with voices directing him.
    • Defended a 16 year old defendant who killed grandfather with knife following family dispute.
    • Defended man who killed woman in his flat and then dismembered the body for disposal.
    • Prosecution of a man who burned the feet of baby resulting in death.
  • Other Prosecutions
    • Salt poisoning – Brain damage Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (5yr old).
    • Dog walker tied, stripped and drowns in river. Links to Hells Angels gang; non sexual motive; reliability of DNA and cross contamination / transferral of blood.
    • Psychotic prisoner released to kill random victim; tied, tortured and stabbed in the eye.
    • Mentally ill killer murders special needs youth in park; 96 stab wounds; fitness to plead and stand trial; capacity to form intent.
    • Drug addicted couple fight, one sustaining fatal injuries; staged car accident.
    • Householder chases group of burglars and is stabbed with a screwdriver.
    • Gang war in Newport over “drug turf” involving Yardy and Somali youths. Firearm discharged into leg – defective ammunition (Attempted Murder) Samurai sword driven through the neck (attempted murder).
  • Rape / Child Sex Offences / Historic Sexual Complaint / Indecent Images
    • Newport City Centre underpass, multiple rapes, kidnap & assault.
    • Male rape; middle aged man luring boys back to flat.
  • Drugs
    • International importation of class A from Trinidad. Trinidadian and British police operation. Mule dies from broken package. X-ray images from Compass machine at airport wrongly interpreted by inexperienced operative.
    • Large scale importation of heroin from North Africa via Spain.
    • Drugs hidden in air conditioning units imported into UK by South Wales haulier.
    • Operation Aeriel, 3 year police undercover operation involving covert test purchases of various class A drugs; Over 80 Defendants.
    • Cardiff City footballer involved with others in distributing cocaine throughout Cardiff area.
    • Postman used for drug deliveries of amphetamine to value of £2m.
    • Operation Pristina, large scale production o cannabis throughout S Wales. Houses rented for the purpose of setting up factories with the knowledge of landlords and their agents.
    • Operation Embassy, large scale distribution of class A and B drugs throughout S Wales area involving an organised crime gang with international links
  • Car Crime/Car Ringing:
    • 25 Defendant “cut and shunt” shop; stolen cars made to resemble scrapped cars said to have been repaired. Laser cutter used to remove identity numbers.
    • Articulated Lorries stolen to order for export to Africa.
    • High performance cars stolen to be used as get away cars in other serious crime. Conspiracy - “Hook and crane burglaries” to steal cars.
  • Death by Dangerous Driving.
    • Youth driving too fast over bridge killing 3 in rear of vehicle when lost control.
    • Man of clean character cut corner on blind bend resulting in head on collision. Combined speed of 28 mph; 2yr old in back of car dies partly due to faulty seat belt; causation.
    • Man of clean character on straight Road fails to see motorcyclist in dip; was manoeuvre to overtake 2 cars in circumstances reasonable.
    • Van pulls out into path of oncoming motorcyclist travelling too fast.
    • Lorry driver hits cyclist without realising he was in the road and drives on.
  • Fraud
    • Mortgage Fraud; 18 Defendants; £4.3m POCA order (largest ever order in Welsh legal history).
    • VAT on car importation (£7m) VHCC;
    • International Banking fraud; bearer bonds; Nigerian & Dutch Banks; Belgian gold brokers.
    • NHS optician and dental frauds; false claims for work undertaken and appliances supplied. GOC & GMC hearings following some guilty pleas.
    • Student Grants; claims made with aid of dishonest Council employees (32 Defendants).
    • Woman of clean character steals £386K over 5½yrs from employer by false accounting.
    • Caribbean government land  corruption, all former ministers charged with fraud and money laundering.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Abuse of Public Office: Police Firearms Officer produces sidearm as part of conspiracy to frighten criminals into sharing proceeds of drug dealing.
    • Police Officer alleged to have conspired in fabricating case of murder against 5 Cardiff men in the 1980’s (ongoing: set to be largest and longest case in Welsh legal history; 1m page VHCC).
    • Harassment: burning down house to encourage ex-partner to leave area with children.
    • Enticing elderly man to engage in sexual acts; subjected to threats of violence from boyfriend; accessing home and stealing from within. Threats and then actual torture to prevent reporting to police.
    • Conspiracy to steal high value watches from wealthy businessmen targeted by organised crime gang. Torture used to extract safe combination. 
  • Recommendations
    • 'Noted for his experience in courts martial and police disciplinary work.’ (Legal 500, 2018)
    • 'He works hard and he has a superb command of criminal procedure.' (Chambers UK, 2018)
    • 'His broad practice covers murder, fraud and sexual offences matters'. (Legal 500, 2017)
    • 'Known for his strength in case preparation on document-heavy cases and his expertise in cases concerning corruption and criminal fraud. He handles a mix of prosecution and defence tackling all manner of criminal cases as well as police disciplinary work. Strengths: "Very thorough. He's from a military background so his case preparation is brilliant. He has good people skills and is a formidable advocate." (Chambers UK, 2017)
    • 'He has a varied practice with recent experience in large-scale fraud matters' (Legal 500, 2016)
    • 'Cases in which he is instructed are typically undertaken with a high level of professionalism'. (Legal 500, 2015)
    • 'Has an extremely thorough approach to case preparation’. (Legal 500, 2014)
  • Memberships
    • Criminal Bar Association
    • The Turks and Caicos Islands Bar
*D. Huw Evans
'He works hard and he has a superb command of criminal procedure'Legal 500, 2017